Mini-Construct Chamber

MC-8This 8-well, disposable, plastic tissue culture module allows researchers the ability to repeatedly and reproducibly craft miniature engineered tissue (ET) constructs using customer-specified cell types. The cell’s contractility and extracellular matrix stiffness can then be measured by the companion Palpator™. With little preparation, cells growing in the MC-8’s constructs become sensitive reporters of Ca2+ signaling, mitochondrial potentials and other biological parameters that indicate their physiological states.

The top and bottom of the MC-8™ are transparent, providing convenient microscopic study of cell morphology and enabling fluorescence indicator measurement using microscopes or plate readers. Transparency further provides optimum optical accessibility for monitoring growth and quantitative measurement using fluorescence and luminescence indicators.

  • The MC-8™ is convenient tool for growing ET constructs without a support layer, and a reliable method for growing contractile cells in 3D constructs suitable for measurement of contractile force or tissue stiffness using the Palpator™
  • MC-8™ allows for long-term (several weeks) 3D culture of contractile cells
  • Miniaturized tissue constructs require just 250 ul of initial collagen/cell suspension and 400 ul of culture medium per well
  • Dimensions of the MC-8™ are compatible with most conventional plate readers (we provide customized set-up assistance)

Demonstration video: 24-hr time lapse tissue formation