Precision Medicine Developer using Patient-derived 3D Microtissues

InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) is a precision medicine company personalizing the drug development process by introducing patient-derived and gene-edited human samples, including 3D engineered microtissues. Our unique integration of cell & tissue handling automation, tissue phenotyping assays, computational biology (AI), and human organ/tissue data enables rapid identification of safety and efficacy profile of a given treatment for specific patient group cost-effectively before expensive clinical trials. IVS’s technology for matchmaking the best treatment for the patient group will expedite the early discovery and clinical trials as well as support post-product launch monitoring.

John's Micro Hearts Find The Best Treatment for John.

Animal models have been the primary approach for preclinical studies and basic science research. Our own cells, however, should be the best samples to discover the best treatments if the technologies are validated rigorously. While IVS technologies can be applied to the personalized drug (i.e., precision medicine) discovery and development, we have been focusing on perfecting the process for developing pharmaceutics that can treat heart failure or are safe for the heart.

Why we do what we do?

Our founders’ personal experience drove us to start doing what we do now. Thanks to the US National Institute of Health and generous contributors. Their long-term and extensive support enabled IVS to develop and validate human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived micro-heart tissue called NuHeart™. IVS’s core competencies include an automated process of mass-producing micro NuHearts derived from various lines of patient-specific and gene-edited iPSCs and their high-throughput phenotypic assay platform. 

Aging Heart

Orphan Drug Development

Cardiac Safety Pharmacology

What customers and collaborators are publishing?

IVS Mechanical Testing for Vision Research

A research team lead by Dr. Bailly at the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology uses IVS' micro mechanical assays to uncover the mechanism of Trachoma. Little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying progressive fibrosis in Trachoma which is the leading cause of blindness worldwide. IVS' micro tissue assays using Palpator™ quantitatively analyzed that trachoma fibroblasts display altered force responses and matrix remodelling properties.

HTP Length-Tension Contractiliy Assays

Dr. Greenberg at the Washington University describes the application of NuHeart™ in studying human heart failure caused by mutations in various genes expressed in the heart. Unique cardiac contractility assay developed by IVS can quantitatively analyze the Frank-Starling mechanism of 3D human micro-heart tissues, NuHeart™, growing in 96-well plates in high-throughput.
Genetics can impact on developing heart failure more than you think. Personalizing a treatment of a specific type of heart failure could save lives as well as time and cost of development. Smaller clinical trials might be good enough.

HTP Phenotyping

A unique combination of our pioneering biomechanical assays and ultra-rapid optical devices collects high-content data of cell and tissue physiology.

  • Cardiac Contractility of NuHeart
  • Ultra-rapid HTP Optical Assay
  • Micro-tissue Stiffness Assay
  • Mitochondria Activity and Viability

Rare Disease Modeling

Using human induced pluripotent stem cell and gene-editing technologies, IVS supports generation organ models that recapitulate mono-genetic disorders.

  • NuHeart™ Derived from Patient-specific or Gene-edited cell lines
  • 3D Tissue and Organ-on-chip
  • Synchronizing iPSC Growth & Differentiation


Standardized cell and tissue sample preparations set us apart. IVS developed automated cell and tissue handling device to reduce variability among scientists.

  • Mass Production
  • Cell and Tissue Culture Robot
  • Quality Control

Systems Biology and AI

  • HTP Waveform Analyzer
  • Electrophysiology Modeling
  • Regression Analysis

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