Strategic Partners and Investors

The Opportunity

While the pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to improve the productivity of drug development, they are also currently inhibited by a near-empty product pipeline, high demand and looming patent expirations. A simultaneously weak market for initial public offerings has made biotech companies healthy acquisition targets for those same companies.

The products and technologies that have been developed by and are proprietary to InvivoSciences are designed to meet this increasing demand for efficacy and productivity in the areas of drug discovery and life sciences research. By providing automated, real-time, high-content and highly sensitive detection systems that are as predictive and cost effective as they are revolutionary, we make it possible to move drugs from laboratory to trial to market faster and more accurately than ever before. Our assays are better because they mimic the functions of living organisms, specifically, those of animals and humans.

We have the potential to fill a gaping hole in the drug development and discovery marketplace that has been left open by competitor products that provide rapid, high-throughput screening, but lack the ability to provide any information about the biological response of cells to the host compound. As a result, it is not unusual for selected candidate compounds to be biologically inactive or toxic, conceivably overlooking those with useful biological activity. This slows the product-to-market process because clinical trials often must be abandoned in the late stages after toxicity and/or biological response issues arise.

The InvivoSciences screening method is based on cellular responses that produce mechanical changes in biological tissue constructs cultivated in 96-well plates. These tissue constructs can then be assembled to provide models for specific disease conditions, among them, elevated contractility of vascular smooth muscle cells in hypertension of fibrosis and cardiovascular remodeling that leads to congestive heart failure and diastolic dysfunction or scar formation during wound healing.

For investors and strategic partners this presents the opportunity to be a part of technology that will revolutionize the way drug discovery happens. It means drugs that have been developed to address specific diseases are more completely tested for side effects and will move to market sooner. The human component in drug discovery can be fully addressed. Healing can begin.

Our work can and will improve many aspects of human health.

Seeking Investors as well as Strategic Partners

InvivoSciences is interested in collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotech partners to improve the efficiency of their drug discovery programs at many stages, including:

  • Compound screening for lead discovery
  • Lead optimization and structure-activity relationship (SAR) studies
  • Characterization of secondary off-target activities
  • Mechanism of action studies
  • Re-profiling of stalled clinical stage compounds
  • Cardiac toxicity assessments
  • Toxicity on fundamental cellular functions
  • Compounds profiling targeting extracellular matrices

Additionally, we are looking for all potential customers in pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics and consumer goods industries to market our next generation proprietary assay products, device and services worldwide.

For further information regarding investment, strategic partnership or collaboration opportunities, please contact Ayla Annac, co-founder and CEO of InvivoSciences Inc. at or 608.628.8035.

Thanks to the US National Institute of Health and generous contributors. Their long-term and extensive support enabled IVS to develop and validate human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived micro-heart tissue called NuHeartTM

Partners and Affiliates

Alliance for Regenerative Medicine
Cardiac Safety Research Consortium
Larta Institute
Torrey Pines
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