iVSurfer™ for analyzing cardiac waveforms


iVSurferTM is an automatic analysis software for periodic waveforms, including cardiac action potentials, calcium transients, and force of contraction. It is a powerful tool for high-throughput analysis of large data collected using multi-well plates (support up to 384-well format). Profiles of waves are analyzed individually and as their ensemble averages to calculate 24 available parameters. Displaying analysis of each well, users can monitor its progress in real time. Analysis parameters can be optimized to improve its performance.

Example: Analyzing Dose-dependent Changes in Action Potential Profiles by Azimilide

(Note: Azimilide blocks HERG channels at 0.1 and 1 Hz with IC50s of 1.4 uM and 5.2 uM respectively)

Comparison of Action Potential Profiles with increasing concentrations of Azimilide

IVSurfer has an intuitive graphical interface for quick analyses. It also has multiple plots to choose from as well as easy to set parameters and filters. Learn more here.