Management Team

Leading InvivoSciences are those most closely vested in its mission and, subsequently, most passionate about its success. The diverse experiences and education of this team lend depth, insight and considerable understanding of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, their direction, needs and opportunities.

Ayla AnnacAyla Annac
Co-founder, CEO, President & Board Member
MBA • St. Louis University

Prior to working full-time at InvivoSciences, Ms. Annac gained 21 years of experience in executive leadership, global marketing, strategic business development and finance, with Nestle Purina and Forth James companies.

Tetsuro WakatsukiTetsuro Wakatsuki
Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer, Patent Holder, Board Member & Scientific Advisory Board Member
PhD, BioPhysics & MS, Mechanical Engineering • Washington University
BS, Physics • Aoyamagakuin University

Prior to working full-time at InvivoSciences, Dr. Wakatsuki was an Assistant Professor of Physiology, Biotechnology & Bioengineering Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Elliot ElsonElliot L. Elson
Co-founder, Patent Holder, Chief Scientific Board Member, Board Member & Scientific Consultant
PhD, Biochemistry • Stanford University
BS, Biochemistry • Harvard University

Dr. Elson is currently working as an Alumni Endowed Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Washington University.

Joseph SchlessingerJoseph Schlessinger
Strategic Advisor
PhD, Biophysics • Weizmann Institute of Science
MS & BS, Chemistry & Physics • Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Schlessinger is currently the William H. Prusoff Professor and the Chair of the Pharmacology Department at Yale School of Medicine. He is also the Co-founder of Sugen, Inc. & Plexxikon, Inc.

Scientific Advisors

Independent of our founders, scientists and strategic advisors, InvivoSciences benefits from the expertise of a talented team of scientific advisors hailing from a variety of disciplines that complement and enrich the InvivoSciences mission.

Elliot Elson, PhD
Chair of Advisory Board
Endowed Professor Biochemistry • Washington University
Co-founder • InvivoSciences Inc.

Joseph Schelssinger, PhD
Chair of Pharmacology • Yale School of Medicine
Co-founder • Sugen, Inc.
Co-founder • Plexxikon, Inc.

Linda Griffith, PhD
Professor Biomedical Engineering • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michael Mitchell, MD
Associate Professor in the Division of Cadiothoracic Surgery • Medical College of Wisconsin

Sean Palecek, PhD
Professor Chemical & Biological Engineering • University of Wisconsin – Madison

Herman Vandenberg, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (Research) • Brown University
Co-founder • Myomics