Presenting Monogenic Heart Failure Disease Modeling in Kyoto

On September 7th, CSO speaks about monogenic disease modeling using NuHeart™ technology during TERM for heart, blood vessel & lung session.

99-O-5: Personalized micro-3D human heart 
tissues for orphan drug development
Tetsuro Wakatsuki,Neil Daily,Pinar Kemanli,
Michael Greenberg,Jennifer Strande
InvivoSciences, Inc. Madison Wisconsin, USA, Washington University, St. Louis, Medical College of Wisconsin.

New Publication: Simulating Cardiac Fibrosis

InvivoSciences, Inc. is collaborating with Drs. Elson and Qian to establish a novel mathematical model to understand the development of cardiac fibrosis during heart failure. The model will be used to identify and validate new therapeutic targets to prevent, slow, or reverse cardiac fibrosis.