CSO is presenting at World Preclinical Congress in Boston

InvivoSciences to present at World Preclinical Congress in Boston. InvivoSciences developed an in vitro disease model that recapitulates individual patient’s cardiomyopathy in 3D engineered heart tissues (EHTs) using the patient-derived cells. Automated cell culture and cardiomyocyte-differentiation protocol improved the productivity and reproducibility for generating patient-specific disease models for drug and diagnostics development.

BIOtechNOW featured IVS’s participating BIO Innovation Zone

Later this month in Philadelphia at the BIO International Convention, BIO will be partnering with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to host the 2nd annual, newly-expanded BIO Innovation Zone. The Zone will feature Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funded early-stage biotech companies.

BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: InvivoSciences

BIO Investor Forum Company Snapshot: InvivoSciences What is your company’s lead product or technology? InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) is a leading developer of proprietary human 3D cell/tissue culture models for highly-predictive, multi-parameter phenotypic assays both in pharmacology safety & discovery screening and in personalized and regenerative medicine. IVS’s Functional 3D tissue models recapitulate the physiological properties…
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InvivoSciences, Inc. (IVS) is one of the selected companies in NIH’s Innovation Zone at the 2014 BIO International Convention

NIH has partnered with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) to provide selected SBIR grantees premier visibility at the BIO International Convention. InvivoSciences (IVS) is one of the selected NIH Innovation Zone companies interacting with potential investors and business partners. BIO International Convention is the world’s largest conference attracting 15,000 biotech leaders from 65 countries. This…
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BMG LABTECH and InvivoSciences, Inc. Initiate Market Collaboration To Accelerate Drug Discovery in Engineered 3D Tissues

The Microplate Reader Company – and InvivoSciences, Inc. – a leader in stem cell tissue engineering providing a novel solution in first-in-class drug discovery – announced today a strategic collaboration to market the time-dependent fluorescent assessment of engineered 3D heart tissues using advanced microplate reader technologies. Employing an automated system, 3D heart tissues are fabricated…
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InvivoSciences Collaborates with Edgewood High School Students

InvivoSciences is a local Biotechnology company that develops and commercializes technologies to mass-manufacture human tissue models for drug screening and personalized/regenerative medicine, providing customers rapid, cost-effective solutions/services to discover new therapies. This summer two Edgewood students Lauren Netzel (Edgewood High School Senior) and Audrey Netzel (Edgewood High School Graduate, class of 2012) worked with InvivoSciences…
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Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies and InvivoSciences, Inc. Initiate Research Collaboration to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies (TPIMS), a non-profit research institution and leader in advanced methods of drug discovery, and InvivoSciences Inc., an innovative company providing screening for first-in-class drug discovery, announced today a new collaboration to accelerate drug discovery in cardiac disease. Under the terms of the agreement, Torrey Pines Institute will work with InvivoSciences to screen the…
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Wisconsin’s Biotech Industry Making a Global Impact

As a leading provider of 3D, ready-to-use human engineered tissues, Madison-based InvivoSciences has products and capabilities that are of interest to a global audience. Reaching that audience is one of the many reasons Wisconsin biotechnology leaders and company representatives made their way to Boston in June for the 20th annual BIO International Convention. Their presence was…
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$2 million to study role-switching cells in heart failure

The National Institutes of Health has awarded more than $2 million to a team of scientists from Washington University in St. Louis and InvivoSciences, a biotechnology startup with WUSTL roots, to construct artificial tissue models that will allow the rapid testing of new drugs for heart failure. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about…
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Tech and Biotech: Madison’s InvivoSciences to work with Rhode Island company

InvivoSciences, a Madison biotech, is teaming with Myomics, of Providence, R.I., to provide screening services using their combined resources. InvivoSciences provides engineered human heart tissues for companies working on drugs to treat heart disease while Myomics offers engineered muscle tissues to drug companies focused on fighting muscular dystrophy. Both companies also have developed robotic systems…
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